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Matt is a Guggenheim Fellow!

I have been named a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow in Music Composition! I'm incredibly honored to be in such amazing present and past company. Keep an eye on this space and my social media accounts for information on the music I'll be composing in 2019-2020. 

Matt releases "The Trumpet"

I've just released my third album as a leader, "The Trumpet." Back in May I felt the itch to write some new music, but having two small children makes it really difficult to plan rehearsals, put a group together, and book studio time. My solution: use my recording set-up at home and create a compositional and production challenge - record a mini album using only sound originating from an acoustic trumpet, completely written, tracked, engineered, and produced by me. The result is a five-track album (four originals and one cover) of songs dedicated to trumpet players important in my life. You can download here or on the music page. It's only $5! If there is enough interest, I'll release one of these every 6-9 months, always with a new concept - electronic music, Americana, Fusion... Stay tuned!

The H.B.O.M. Jingle is live!


Check out this jingle I co-wrote with my buddy Augie Haas for his H.B.O.M. (Haas Bottle Opener Mouthpiece). Yes - this is a real, funtional thing. Augie visited in April and we wrote, recorded, and filmed this all in one afternoon. Shout out to CCUJazz students Cynthea Kelley and Jose Rangel for their amazing contributions. Purchase one at the link below and check out Augie's new album "Have We Met?"

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