4 trumpets, 2 flugels - Gospel Project

Morning - Horn Excerpt - Matt White
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Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugel, and Baritone

Brass Fanfare - Matt White
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16 horns for Czech Hip Hop Project

Signal Chorus - Matt White
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Alternate Blues for Facebook Library Contract

Blues Solo - Matt White
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Remote Session Work

As a former session musician in Nashville, Matt has extensive experience in all facets of the recording process and has worked with Charlie Peacock, Derek Stroker, Rihanna, Diego Claire, Joe Walker, and various Jazz Artists. All work done in ProTools HD, available in any format, with high-quality outboard and virtual equipment.


Services include:

  • Trumpet solos

  • Horn Section arranging and tracking (including contracting additional performers if needed)

  • Providing individual tracks or stems, mixed or dry.

  • Providing horn section charts (for live performance)

The Wheelwright and Treehouse Recording Studio

As part of his teaching duties, Matt manages the CCU Wheelwright Recording Studio, a professionally outfitted academic workshop that documents over 100 events a year and employs three student workers. Students gain experience working with the latest software and high quality hardware in an experiential environment, covering everything from Audio Editing and Microphone Placement, to Advanced Mixing and Mastering. Despite being a teaching laboratory, the studio has produced recordings with National Distribution, including Gullah:The Voice of an Island, My Life with Mickey by Jane Spillane (audio book), Dave Douglas Quintet - Live Fall 2013, and Brookgreen Gardens - A Hushed Thrill. CCU also recently acquired Steve Bailey's Treehouse studio as a professional production space, which features an amazing collection of microphones and outboard equipment. Both spaces are integral components of the undergraduate degree in commercial music and graduate degree in Music Technology. Former students have been accepted to Graduate Programs in Recording Engineering and are currently working as professional sound designers, engineers, and producers.